My work is intrinsically interdisciplinary, and I produce both single- and multi-media pieces. I have an intense interest in the aesthetic efflorescences that result from the collisions of aleatory (i.e. randomly gathered) and intended elements. Through fusions of audio, poetry, video, animation and things I make or find, I seek to explore suggested relationships and connections between what might seem highly disparate. The tension between the kinetic and static, as seen in juxtaposing video and physical object is of particular concern in certain of my works.

I am inquisitive as regards motivation and reactivity in the psyche. The question of constitution, whereby objects present to consciousness receive layers of response, is something I wish to explore in imagery and sounds, reflecting this process in accreted fragments to which the viewer is drawn to supply 'sense'.

My work has also explored the issue of the artwork's termination point, both in time of execution and in physical space, where the work ends and something 'parergonal', framing it, takes over. I have taken a deliberately indeterminate attitude to this, adopting and then discarding parts displayed, performed or played, so creating a different scenario or context viewable either as a unity or as separate entities.