The seasons blend Spring and Summer
In a shower of life from the trees
The horrible flames rise towards the sky
The street is burning with pedestrians
A house filled with treasures opens its gate
Twenty youths one white ask nothing
But accuse
All but one ignored.

They're going to put another page there!
And what will you write

For myself i have nothing to say that you have not heard

For there is nothing new under the sun
But i would write love and courage
For there may be one that had not heard

Osita Nwankwo

African Indian Wind of Change

A woman building a house for her children
There may be no country suited to a poets persona
searching for reason outside of these borders
is an English trait/obsession
The Americans seem less concerned
even though we share the same grandparents

Lying awake throughout the night
Living in England I can't starve
unless there's a revolution or a war
I can't foresee a war in my lifetime
unless Germany & France refuse Turkey entry to the EU
and Britain wants to fight about it
but I don't think they'd bother.

We're on benefits we're childless we're sexless
we're not anything
we could have formed a band
but we were to old
you're supposed to say you're never too old
we were too ill
your supposed to say your never too ill
in the time we've known each other
we've both been in the funny bin
we're able to get around
but by the time we reach our destination
we're withered or emotionally smashed in
the fuel of common civilisation
is not for the poor
the artists that triumph
are born among the rich

Osita Nwankwo

Write a sonnet
It could be 11 or 14 lines

Compose a lyric put a seal upon it
Add a line of beauty
Add a line of make believe
Create a sense of the divine
Allow a moment of doubt
Breathe life into its syllables
Create wings on which it will fly

Write a sonnet
And put no count upon it

Osita Nwankwo


Burning down at the wick
set alight
or simply set on fire
No relationship that involves sex
no intimate love words with a loved one

a history of mental illness
working to stay out of hospital
painting on a budget in the smallest of spaces.
Living where I paint
walking everywhere buses don't go
off the cigarettes and over weight
a private Christian Black and Loathing Church
ashamed of parts of my past
coming to terms with my ego
intimidated by the best with their hex
living here wondering about there
staying out of prison and off drugs
staying close to a relation
hoping for better.

Osita Nwankwo