It's a religion in greeting
All in a hand shake
Nice and firm
I am really glad to meet you
I want to know what you have to say
I want to know who you really are
But now I've lost my hand
My meaning and sense of moment are well lets say
Can no longer be conveyed in the same way
I am unable to show my feelings and really say hello
This religion has no longer the same meaning.
It's all in a kiss
Cheek to cheek
It's a religion in greeting
Moist & wet
I am really glad to meet you

Jon Gershon

Big Issue

Man stands outside the station
Morning he say's
'Big Issue'
He waves it at me
Guilty I say good morning and walk by
Wanting to help
But my empty pockets dictate
Except for this loose change
That doesn't add up to much
One just does what one can
I think

Jon Gershon
My life is the day
After the previous day that is
My Religion is my life
My day well some of the time
Filled with pouring, trickling
Its transparent freshness airy
Imprinting its measure
The ones I forget of course
What is felt, sensed
Giving reason and meaning
A step moulded by feet
An engine fine-tuned
Running in my spare time

Jon Gershon
The magic line

This is an invisible line
I am from here you are from there
This is my line my cultured border possessed
It is the position I hold
It represents what is on this side and what is on your side is yours
Defining my values my place in time
My history its prosperity or poverty
Its demonic stamp of officialdom

mmmmmm. Yes but what if we was to erase the line
With this magic rubber
All preconceptions would be removed
Enable minds to realise
Your culture is my culture
Your identity is mine
For when one looks more closely
Your side is not much different from mine

Jon Gershon